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Our vision

We support our clients to detect and select they Trust and Safety partner.

You want to enhance your Customer experience with a performing Trust and Safety policy and find the right partners delivering multilingual services with a well balanced cocktail allying both most up to date  A/I, digital tools and the perfectly skilled human touch.

We have merged in our team contact centers specialists and digital experts in Safety and Trust to help you to detect the most performing provider fitting with your requirements.

I/A, Digital tools and Human touch are now indefeclibly linked and merged to deliver a memorable customer journey, let us make together the better cocktail !

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Who we are 

T&S solutions is the result of the merge of customer experience seasoned professionnals and digital experts.

Our mission is to support our clients to detect and select the matching Trust and Security partner.

We have selected companies in all different Safety and Trust domains to make save Time, money and energy to our clients.

The team

We have searched, selected and assessed Trust and Safety specialists and technical solutions everywhere during more than three years in order to launch our service.

Partners all over the world

We can support you make more  secure and smooth all  the customer journey  from acquisition to retention

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