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Discover  our Trust and Safety solutions

We have selected a wide range of suppliers to cover all the T&S domains and skills.

Our experts will help you to find the relevant provider fitting to your requirements, API implementation, integrated program, and totaly outsourced solutions.

Multilingual Content moderation

Effective moderation ensures that harmful content, such as hate speech or misinformation, is removed or flagged, creating a safer user environment. Combining human moderators and AI tools can help manage content effectively and efficiently.

KYC Client or employees onboarding

Convert more customers faster and dramatically reduce abandonment rates with automated,  user-friendly identity verification solutions.

Background checks before onboarding employees.

Fraud prevention/detection.
Fakes clicks and bots clicks blockage, fraud filters

Fraud detection is the practice of protecting customer and enterprise information, assets, accounts and transactions through the real-time, or near-real-time batch analysis of activities by users

We support you in the Implementation of a strategy, tools and resources to detect fraudulent transactions with a focus on machine learning  backed by human ressources.

New European Digital Services Act  compliance

How to take into account for your company the new obligations imposed by the Digital Services Act?  The DSA  is a new EU legislative act protecting the digital space against the spread of illegal content and at the same time ensure the protection of users’ fundamental rights by creating a safe and trusted online environment.

The Digital Services Act proposes rules on transparency of content moderation decisions. For very large platforms, users and consumers will be able to have a better understanding of the ways these platforms impact our societies and will be obliged to mitigate those risks, including as regards freedom of expression

The rules

  • Better protect consumers and their fundamental rights online

  • Establish a powerful transparency and a clear accountability framework for online platforms

  • Foster innovation, growth and competitiveness within the single market

Details here:

We can support you make more  secure and smooth all  the customer journey  from acquisition to retention

Our partners deliver other customer service services ie:

Customer care


Debt recovery



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