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Find with us the matching content moderation partner

Describe your needs and select with our experts the matching provider for content moderation, KYC, fraud prevention...

Trust and Safety are key factors for customer aquisition and retention 

Content management;
Content management;
Fraud detection.

Content moderation

Effective moderation ensures that harmful content, such as hate speech or misinformation, is removed or flagged, creating a safer user environment. Combining human moderators and AI tools can help manage content effectively and efficiently.

Fraudulent Activities

Identify and prevent a range of payment fraud scenarios

Businesses frequently face challenges related to identity theft, payment fraud, and unauthorized access. 

Client/employees identification and onboarding

Convert more customers faster and dramatically reduce abandonment rates with automated,  user-friendly identity verification solutions.

Background checks before onboarding employees.

 European Digital Services Act  compliance

How to take into account for your company the new obligations imposed by the European Digital Services Act?

Our recommendations are at no cost for you*

*In some cases , for example particular search, RFP, audits, project management, or other particular request ...we propose consulting missions, charged on a daily basis 

Our policy is to be transparent. The vendors are charged for our pre sales services.

Generally speaking if you do not pay the right price that means that you are yourself the product !

All our partners are equal for us in terms of financial conditions, that warranty our objectivity to advise one or an other.

As we know that our clients are mature we are confident that they are able to assess the technical relevance and the pricing competitivness of our recommended partners. 

On the other side our partners are aware that we connect them with serious clients for whom their solution is  fitting their requirements.

At the end, they save time and money and can therefore propose very competitive pricing.

We are proud to offer to our clients 


Years of experience


Assessed Parners


Continents delivered





Ready to launch your next Trust and Safety project ?

Describe your project, our experts will reach you out rapidly to analyse your needs ans requirements and launch the provider matching process

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